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10 Tips for Studying With a Vision Impairment

The new study year is upon us, I'll be in my final year of psychology and I'm sure there's many of you also returning to uni, school or college. I though it would be beneficial to put together a list of tips for studying with a vision impairment not just for anyone reading this but…

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The things you don’t get told!

Over the past few years I've learnt so much more about what is actually involved in being vision impaired. When I was diagnosed, I was not told much except I will progressively lose my central vision. I was not warned of any of the other aspects I might experience. Here's a list of things I've…

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The Grieving Process

Usually when we think about grief we only think about the loss of a loved one. We can also experience extreme grief in other situations, including the one we face after being diagnosed with a vision impairment which will ultimately send us legally blind. In fact, we are really grieving the loss of our vision,…

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For the girls (and guys?!)

Something I have been battling for a while is grooming. It's ever so hard to do the usual girly grooming that when you are sighted you take for granted. It seems like a petty issue but it can have a whole lot of impacts especially with self esteem. My biggest problem now is I can't tell when…

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DNA tells all

I recently got preliminary results from my genetic testing (that I did almost two years ago now!). They showed that I do have the mutation in the ABCA4 gene and it is the recessive condition. I need to have further testing to determine whether I have two recessive genes (from each of my parents) or…

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Being genetically counselled

I had made an appointment to see a genetic counsellor about 3 months ago and the time came this week. I hadn't really given much thought to it to be honest. The main reason I went was to do genetic testing to find out if I actually have the known Stargardt's mutated gene, as I…

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DNA Testing

Today I finally got the courage to go an get all the blood sucked out of me. Well it felt like all of it. When it comes to needles I generally swing two ways - either I'm the bravest person you'll ever meet and it doesn't phase me, or I'm the biggest baby. Today I was a…

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Having a visual impairment does not just affect your every day life but also your relationships. I had been in a long term relationship and was diagnosed with Stargardt's Disease. This had a huge impact. I had to pretty much change my whole life plan. Not only that, I started making rash decisions as I…

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Sore Eyes

I have been having problems recently with constant sore eyes and migraines. It's really starting to get on my nerves because I can't be outside in the sun or even in bright rooms. The only thing that seems to work is to lay down in the dark and close my eyes, which is very unproductive.…

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Being Legally Blind

I found out last week that I am classified as legally blind. I have actually been legally blind for some time but did not know. I think I knew in the back of mind that I was, after all I can only read the big letter on the eye chart and if I don't have…

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