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Tag: Inspiration

Second chance for Mr Cane

I have been walking a lot more since unwillingly giving up driving. I have grown in confidence with walking alone but I still find road crossing difficult. I'd given the cane the flick because we just weren't getting along. I haven't used it in some months now although there has been a little voice in the…

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Selling My Independence

This week was a big milestone in my journey of acceptance. I am actually quite surprised that I did it and finally let go of something I had been holding on to so tightly. Probably slightly melodramatic, but I sold my independence this week, my beloved car. I had bought my car brand new almost five years…

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Increased Senses

A common question I get asked is whether since losing my vision my other senses have increased. Generally I would answer no, but lately I've noticed that my senses have been changing and adapting. This is probably due to being more aware of what is happening around me and being more accepting of the need…

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Living with an incurable, degenerative disease which leads to permanent disablement and blindness is one of the hardest challenges a person can face. Doubled with the fact that the process usually begins in early adulthood when a person has discovered who they are and figured out their life goals and aspirations can make the situation even more…

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Beautiful Art by a Stargardt’s Friend :)

I'd like to share artworks created by Jenna who has Stargart's Disease. These are a few of my favourites. She creates such gorgeous, emotional works and to think she doesn't have her central vision I can't believe how absolutely amazing they are. It is truly inspiring. Thanks Jenna!

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Dr. Terry Diamond, who works in the same hospital I work at, is running 7 marathons in 7 days across Australia next week. He is doing this to raise money for the disease Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is similar to Stargardt's in that it is a retinal disease that causes blindness. He hopes to raise $100,000 for…

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