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What’s all the talk about Optogenetics?

In the past couple of months there have been several news articles talking about optogenetics and its use as a treatment for eye conditions including Stargardt's, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macula Degeneration. I hadn't come across the term so I thought I'd do some research into what exactly it is, since I am known to have…

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Updates on Research

Blindness and visual impairment seems to be in the media quite a bit lately. I've gathered the most recent updates for you all to check out. A study in the UK has successfully inserted implants into three patients retinas. The patients treated had Retinitis Pigmentosa and saw immediate results once the implant was in use.…

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Gene Therapy

I was kindly sent a powerpoint presentation from a university in the Netherlands about recent studies of gene therapy for Stargardt's Disease and another genetic disease. Coincidentally, I have been working with a dutch medical student (who is a great friend!) and we had some fun translating the presentation into English for you all to…

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Stuff I’ve learnt from Twitter!

I've been following the Foundation Fighting Blindness (@gihtblindness) on Twitter over the past few weeks. This weekend they have held Vision 2011 conference in the US. They have been updating their posts regularly and I have found out some interesting facts. The following are the tweets that I found really interesting: 1. "Q: animal trials -…

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Check out the latest clinical trail being conducted in the US and France. The research into StarGen has been going on for some time, and below are some links following the progress. 2011 StarGen 2009 StarGen StarGen is a gene therapy developed specifically for Stargardt's. If successful, it would consist of only one treatment directly…

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