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Update on Advance Cell Technology Progress

ACT, who were granted permission last year to conduct a human clinical trial treating Stargardt's patients with stem cells, has announced that they can procure embryonic stem cells without embryonic destruction - a positive ethical step. They state that they are also hoping to progress to the second phase of the Stargardt's specific trial in…

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Bionic Woman

I am VERY excited about this - the Bionic Eye! A relative informed me of an interview on the Today Show on the bionic eye this week, and the progress that is being made. Check out the video below: Medical Miracles - Today Show (Search for 'Medical Miracles' from the 14th February 2001) It looks as…

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A Cure in Accutane?

One ray of hope that I was given from my opthamologist was the possibility that the drug Accutane could help treat Stargardt's. I was told that if a doctor could have a good enough reason to prescribe the drug to me, my opthamologist would study its effects on my eyes. Accutane is a drug used to treat…

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Help through technology

I thought I'd share with you all my long process with accessing assistance technology for the workplace. Since my diagnosis 18 months ago I have been in contact with Vision Australia to find assistance especially with regards to work. My work is predominantly computer based and I also have to read small text constantly, so…

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More hope!

Another clinical trial is being conducted in Rome, Italy, directly relating to Stargardt's!! This is very exciting news! The study centres around Saffron (a spice) as it is thought to be a "retinal neuro protectant against oxidative damage" (see link below). The study plans to give saffron supplements to participants to study its effects. This…

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