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Watch out, cane about!

Guide Dogs have launched their "Watch out, cane about" campaign with an informative and positive video. Everyday pedestrians are blind folded and attempt to cross a road with a cane and a guide. It is really interesting to see the reactions of others. The is also a guide on what to do if you see…

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Finally a pen I can see!

When I had my consultation with the vision impairment specialist, he suggested I invest in a Pentel pen. Usually he gives a freebie to all his clients but unfortunately he had run out. He said I was able to get the pen from my local Officeworks (stationary shop) and they came in a range of…

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IOS 7 and VIPs

Today I updated to IOS 7 on my iPad (I use a Samsung mobile). I'm not actually sure if previous versions have as many accessibility features, but I found the most useful feature for my vision was the "Larger type" text feature. It gives you the option to increase the font size in any app…

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For the girls (and guys?!)

Something I have been battling for a while is grooming. It's ever so hard to do the usual girly grooming that when you are sighted you take for granted. It seems like a petty issue but it can have a whole lot of impacts especially with self esteem. My biggest problem now is I can't tell when…

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DNA tells all

I recently got preliminary results from my genetic testing (that I did almost two years ago now!). They showed that I do have the mutation in the ABCA4 gene and it is the recessive condition. I need to have further testing to determine whether I have two recessive genes (from each of my parents) or…

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New gadgets!

Today I had my second work place assessment to see if I need any more help since my vision has deteriorated. Once again I applied through Job Access, an Australian government reimbursement program. Originally I received my ZoomText software, a large screen and a hand held magnifier. This time round I didn't really know what exactly I…

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Update on ACT trial

ACT recently announced treatment of a Stargardt's patient with 'better vision', as compared to the previous patients treated. It is very exciting following the trial progress and I can not wait to see the results. The second patient treated had visual acuity of 20/100 (6/30) which is exciting as the trial is not only looking…

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I’m still here!

I have been so preoccupied the past months with my grandma but I have not forgotten about this! I've actually learnt a lot from her recently. The more time I've spent with her the more I appreciate my life. She was taken down overnight, lost all her independence and freedom, and I've been sooking for…

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National Disability Insurance Scheme Petition

To the Australians - you have probably heard the debate about the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the media. I will admit I didn't really think much of it as I hate politics and I didn't really know what it would mean for me being vision impaired. Guide Dogs have started a campaign to ensure…

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My absence

As some of you have noticed I haven't been writing lately. Mainly because I haven't found what I want to say. My grandmother was diagnosed with a grade 4 (the worst) brain tumour 8 weeks ago and has been in hospital since. Her life and my families lives have been turned upside down overnight. The…

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