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Tag: Advanced Cell Technology

Latest News on Stem Cell Research

I know everybody has been keenly following the Ocata clinical trial using human derived embryonic stem cells to treat both Stargardt's Disease and Age Related Macular Degeneration. Ocata published a  press release on 31 March. Here are the main points: The Phase I/II study has been successfully completed on 38 patients with both conditions. This phase…

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Update on Stem Cell Treatment

If you haven't already heard, results from the phase I trial using human embryonic stem cells for patients with Stargardt's Disease and Macular Degeneration have been published in the Lancet, and the results are very promising! Nine patients were treated from each disease which involved surgical implantation of the stem cells into the retina of…

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Update on Current Clinical Trials

It is an exciting time in medicine and especially for Stargardt's sufferers and others with inherited retinal diseases. Here is a summary of current trials: Phase I/IIa study of StarGen (Gene Therapy) This study is being conducted by Oxford Biomedica at two sites, Oregon Health and Science University (US) and Institut de la Vision (France).…

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Update on ACT trial

ACT recently announced treatment of a Stargardt's patient with 'better vision', as compared to the previous patients treated. It is very exciting following the trial progress and I can not wait to see the results. The second patient treated had visual acuity of 20/100 (6/30) which is exciting as the trial is not only looking…

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Updates on Research

Blindness and visual impairment seems to be in the media quite a bit lately. I've gathered the most recent updates for you all to check out. A study in the UK has successfully inserted implants into three patients retinas. The patients treated had Retinitis Pigmentosa and saw immediate results once the implant was in use.…

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Media giving vulnerable hope

The latest headline reads: "Once they were blind, now they see. Patient's cured by stem cell 'miracle'" This article was dated 24th January 2012 and posted on The Independent website (link below). Are we not getting a little ahead of ourselves? The article refers to the Advanced Cell Technology stem cell trials and their latest…

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Updates on Advanced Cell Trials

As I have mentioned previously, Advanced Cell Technology are undertaking in stem cell research to treat Stargardt's disease. They have now successfully treated the first Stargardt's patient with embryonic stem cells, and have recently been approved by the Data and Safety Monitoring Board to proceed to treat a further two patients with Stargardt's. This is…

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Update on the ACT embryonic stem cell trials

So we are all aware of the upcoming trials by Advanced Cell Technology to see whether Stargardt's and also Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration can be treated with embryonic stem cells. ACT released more information a few days ago about the upcoming trials involving 12 patients for each condition. The phase of the study isn't…

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