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Tag: adaptive technology

How to study with low vision

I have returned to uni this year to study my masters, and I have been having trouble getting back into the rhythm of it all. I study via correspondence, so I do not have to attend lectures, and have all my notes online. I find it hard to read substantial amounts on the computer as I…

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iPad Verdict

I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting the verdict on the iPad and I have been very slack over the past few weeks with updating you all. I purchased the iPad 2 about a month ago now and I will say that it has been the most useful purchase I have made in…

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Xmas pressie for me

I've been a bit slack with posting in the past week, but I've been SO excited for Christmas!! I've already bought myself a pressie and am waiting for it to be delivered. Yep I gave in and got myself the iPad 2. I've never been so excited to get something and I can't wait to…

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I love ZoomText

ZoomText is my new best friend. After a long wait I finally had it installed on my work computer and I find it amazing. The majority of my job is computer based, and the programs that we use have the smallest font that even perfect sighted people struggle to read at times. I have spent…

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My Zoom Text finally arrived today!!! I am very excited to get it to work tomorrow and load it up! I have been waiting for this software for such a long time so it is a great relief that I finally have it in my hot little hands! I must thank Quantum for their help,…

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I have FINALLY received my magnifier! I purchased it from Quantum Reading Learning Vision in Sydney and I received it within a day! I am loving having my own Compact Plus I have been using at work and at home. I think a lot of people around the office are jealous of my new gadget!…

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iPhone Magnifiers

I am constantly on my phone and download new apps every day. I'm also constantly texting and for a while now have been having trouble seeing the text on my phone!  Having an iphone has been a great benefit for me. I finally figured out how to make the text message font larger, and I…

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Help with Adaptive Technology

I've decided to try and organise purchasing my own adaptive technology for work and studying as I seem to just not be able to make it happen any other way. Since I am in between jobs, I find it really hard explaining to new or prospective employers about the condition and what I need to…

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Help through technology

I thought I'd share with you all my long process with accessing assistance technology for the workplace. Since my diagnosis 18 months ago I have been in contact with Vision Australia to find assistance especially with regards to work. My work is predominantly computer based and I also have to read small text constantly, so…

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