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My NDIS Experience

I have now had my NDIS plan for 3 months, and I've been meaning to reflect on the process and share what I've learnt. I had anticipated the rollout in my area for some time as there were many services I wanted to access but simply couldn't afford it. Here's the main parts of the…

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Scholarship Recipient #2: Sammy Alexander

Our second Scholarship recipient is Sammy Alexander who has Cone Rod Dystrophy. Sammy is from Western Sydney and is completing her Masters of Forensic Mental Health. She shares with us her goals and tips for other's considering studying with a vision impairment. Why did you choose to study your Masters degree? I decided to apply…

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Call For Adaptive Technology

Do you own adaptive technology you no longer use? We are looking to expand our Adaptive Technology Loan Pool. See Through My Eyes offers adaptive technology for studying and in the workplace. Since purchasing adaptive technology can be quite expensive  and assistance is not always available, we aim to bridge the gap to ensure every student…

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The Finger Reader

Now this is one invention I am super excited about. Since I came across a news article about it a few weeks ago, I've been thinking of all the ways I could use it and how beneficial it would be to the vision impaired. The FingerReader is a prototype developed by MIT and is a ring which reads printed text.…

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Finally a pen I can see!

When I had my consultation with the vision impairment specialist, he suggested I invest in a Pentel pen. Usually he gives a freebie to all his clients but unfortunately he had run out. He said I was able to get the pen from my local Officeworks (stationary shop) and they came in a range of…

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IOS 7 and VIPs

Today I updated to IOS 7 on my iPad (I use a Samsung mobile). I'm not actually sure if previous versions have as many accessibility features, but I found the most useful feature for my vision was the "Larger type" text feature. It gives you the option to increase the font size in any app…

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New gadgets!

Today I had my second work place assessment to see if I need any more help since my vision has deteriorated. Once again I applied through Job Access, an Australian government reimbursement program. Originally I received my ZoomText software, a large screen and a hand held magnifier. This time round I didn't really know what exactly I…

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Bionic eye update

Bionic Vision Australia has had vast media coverage in the past week with there bionic eye prototype. They have inserted the device into the first totally blind patient and she has been able to see flashing lights. Check out their facebook page for links to articles: Bionic Vision Australia Facebook Page And here is their…

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Bionic Eye

Have a look at this recent video on the bionic eye. It's crazy how maazing technology can be.

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Increasing my magnification

As I have mentioned I use Zoomtext on my work and home computers. I have been using it a x2 magnification since I first got it, especially since I didn't like to slide all over the place too much. Recently I have noticed that I am leaning quite close to the computer to read. I…

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