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Meet Our Scholarship Recipient Ming Luo

Meet Our Scholarship Recipient Ming Luo

One of this year’s scholarship recipients is 20 year old Ming Luo from Western Australia. Ming is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Western Australia. We asked Ming about her goals and how she would use the scholarship funding.

Did you vision loss contribute to your decision to study a Bachelor of Commerce?

Not particularly – in fact, my vision loss at first moved me away from studying the Bachelor of Commerce to taking up a Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy. Many had recommended physiotherapy to me as a good profession for someone with low and deteriorating vision.  However, 3 weeks into the course, I quickly discovered that physiotherapy was perhaps not a profession I would suit personally, and so, not knowing many other options, I went back to plan A.

How has your vision affected your ability to study?

My vision, or lack thereof, impedes my ability to access print materials, and hence I require all my information and materials to be provided to me digitally.  This just means that I do all my study on my computer – which doesn’t seem to be much different to what most people are doing these days anyway. Except maybe their screens aren’t all weird colours and blown up to 100 times the size.

What do you hope to achieve once you finish your course?

An average of 75 or above in all my third year Economics units. I am considering applying for a place in the Economics Honours program, and that is one of the entry criteria I will need to meet. I am hoping that an Honours degree will allow me better access to careers in the government sector in the areas of Economics and Finance.

How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?

I have 3 goals for my time at university at the moment:

  1. To achieve good grades,
  2. To make the most out of the various different kinds of opportunities available at university, and
  3. Exploit the delightfully generous amount of holidays to travel.

Last year, I participated in a 6-week study abroad program at the University of California Los Angeles. It was undoubtedly the best decision I have made in my life, and feel that the international study experience has greatly enriched my learning experience, as well as helped me to enhance important skills such as interpersonal and communication skills.  It also went a fair way in helping me build my confidence. This year, I am planning to take on an international work placement in Durham, which I think will be fantastic for enhancing a suite of work and personal skills.  This scholarship would contribute greatly to the fees and costs of this work placement program, which would help me to achieve both goals 2 and 3. Hence, I am extremely grateful for this scholarship and am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be able to receive it.

Thank you for sharing your story Ming!

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