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Help through technology

Help through technology

I thought I’d share with you all my long process with accessing assistance technology for the workplace.

Since my diagnosis 18 months ago I have been in contact with Vision Australia to find assistance especially with regards to work. My work is predominantly computer based and I also have to read small text constantly, so I was struggling at work, and most my colleagues noticed I had my nose almost on the computer screen just to see my work!

I found it quite difficult to access assistance. I ended up going through Job Access Australia. To qualify, I needed to work a minimum number of hours per week. Vision Australia also came to my work to do an assessment to see what sort of equipment I needed.

My application was finally approved last week,  and I am on my way to receiving a new, larger computer screen, Zoom text software and also a hand held CCTV for my reading and paper based work! I am ecstatic to finally be getting my equipment so I can eliminate the headaches I get from sitting so close to the computer screen and my work!

The only issue I have had with Job Access is the fact that once you are approved for your equipment, you have to pay upfront and then they reimburse you for the entire amount. This can prove difficult for some people as the total often amounts to thousands of dollars.

Here are the links for both Vision Australia and Job Access. Check them out and see what other support you may be able to receive if you haven’t already!

Vision Australia

Job Access

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