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Electrodes from hell

Electrodes from hell

Looking back on photos from last year, I came across some my mum had taken before my diagnosis during an electrophysiology study (EPS) of my eyes. This was to determine what extent my retina had been affected.

I remember this day to be long, bordering torturous, although I was extremely lucky to have the most amazing technician at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, Sydney. In total, I sat in that hard stool for four hours! I had about a hundred of the yellow anaesthetic drops in my eyes along with dilating drops, and fondly enough I was a pro at putting in drops by the end!

The tests were definitely testing my patience; each eye I had tests repeated with different types of electrodes, in the light and in the darkness. I was definitely sick of staring at the same spot for hours on end.

The electrodes were placed on my forehead, ear lobe and in my eye. I looked like a freak! Yet my mum insisted on taking some happy snaps! One electrode was like a very thick contact, with cords coming out of it, and the other was a thin sheet of gold that hooked into the eye. Yes, hooked sounds horrible but it literally did, and I guarantee you I did not feel a thing and remained totally calm thanks to the amazing technician!

Apparently I need to repeat this test every three years. I’m definitely not looking forward to it again!

Anyone else had this experience?

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