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DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Today I finally got the courage to go an get all the blood sucked out of me. Well it felt like all of it.

When it comes to needles I generally swing two ways – either I’m the bravest person you’ll ever meet and it doesn’t phase me, or I’m the biggest baby. Today I was a baby.

I went to get my blood taken to send to the Inherited Retinal Diseases Register to get genetically tested. I have been meaning to do this for a while, had many discussions with my family about ethical issues, and finally decided to do it as I would actually get the results. We are also planning on getting my parents blood taken too and possibly my siblings.

So in my nervous state I took myself down to the pathologist, with my friend who had to put up with me. They took SIX VILES of my blood. I don’t think I have much more than that and to top it off I have the worst veins and it is always an ordeal to take blood from me.

But with my friend by my side distracting me I sucked it up and tried to look brave while I sat there for what felt like an hour with the needle in my arm sucking out the blood. I must admit it was one of the longest blood tests I’ve had!

I feel as though this genetic test will 100% confrim my Stargardt’s, even though clinically I do have it, but there is always a doubt and ‘what if’ I have something else?

I encourage any Aussies who haven’t already made contact with the Inherited Retinal Diseases Register to do so. They are really helpful. Here’s their link.

Inherited Retinal Diseases Register

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