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Category: Study & Work

When your learning style no longer works

Have you ever considered what learning style you might have? I never really thought about it until it came up in a counselling module I was completing. Then it got me thinking; I am a clear visual learner, how am I managing to study now that I am legally blind? What are the different learning…

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10 Tips for Studying With a Vision Impairment

The new study year is upon us, I'll be in my final year of psychology and I'm sure there's many of you also returning to uni, school or college. I though it would be beneficial to put together a list of tips for studying with a vision impairment not just for anyone reading this but…

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Standing Up For Your Rights

I haven't really touched on standing up for myself in terms of my rights as a person with a 'disability' since starting this blog almost five years ago now. Partly due to the fact that I am really bad at doing it!  My most current problem is with studying at university. I am due to…

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Study study and more study

Whoever said you can't complete university degrees and be vision impaired? Or legally blind? Yes you definitely can.  My unfortunate absence is due to the fact I am studying two degrees at present, a masters and also psychology, and have been swamped in uni work. It has been a constant battle working and studying whilst…

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My study solution

I found a quick and easy solution to my study struggles and all I needed to do was ask. It was as simple as contacting my course coordinator and asking to have everything sent to me in enlarged font so I could print it off. And the next day I had a whole semester's worth…

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How to study with low vision

I have returned to uni this year to study my masters, and I have been having trouble getting back into the rhythm of it all. I study via correspondence, so I do not have to attend lectures, and have all my notes online. I find it hard to read substantial amounts on the computer as I…

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