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Category: Eye Condition Information

Spotlight on Retinitis Pigmentosa

What is it? Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is the name given to a group of conditions that affect the rods and/or cones of the retina and thus light perception. RP is hereditary and is a degenerative condition. The cells that make up the retina are cones and rods. There are far more rods and these make…

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Spotlight on Stargart’s Disease

What is it? Stargardt’s Disease, also known as fundus flavimaculatus, is an inherited retinal disease. It is similar to macular degeneration in its presentation although affects much younger people, with onset usually in children, teens and young adults. Stargardt’s affects the macular which is located in the retina of the eye. The retina is responsible…

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Vitamin A and Stargardt’s

The only advice I was given when diagnosed with SD was that vitamin A was causing my vision loss and to not take supplements with Vitamin A. This totally contradicts the widely known fact that Vitamin A is essential for eyes. It's not that this fact is incorrect, it's that it doesn't wholly apply to…

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The things you don’t get told!

Over the past few years I've learnt so much more about what is actually involved in being vision impaired. When I was diagnosed, I was not told much except I will progressively lose my central vision. I was not warned of any of the other aspects I might experience. Here's a list of things I've…

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Being genetically counselled

I had made an appointment to see a genetic counsellor about 3 months ago and the time came this week. I hadn't really given much thought to it to be honest. The main reason I went was to do genetic testing to find out if I actually have the known Stargardt's mutated gene, as I…

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DNA Testing

Today I finally got the courage to go an get all the blood sucked out of me. Well it felt like all of it. When it comes to needles I generally swing two ways - either I'm the bravest person you'll ever meet and it doesn't phase me, or I'm the biggest baby. Today I was a…

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I had a phone call from my fabulous optometrist last week about saffron. He told me the about the recent study on saffron supplements and AMD and said I should add saffron to my diet. I was very excited as this is something easy to do. I got on google and searched for saffron supplements…

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Not just a vision issue

So it’s taken me a while to be able to bring this up on here because it’s quite a complicated topic. Not only was I diagnosed with stargardt’s disease, but I have slowly developed an anxiety disorder which can be attributed to my diagnosis. It is such a hard thing to deal with when you …

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Fishies to help Stargardt’s?

I was looking up the research on Stargardt's and found that a group were testing the effects of DHA (fish oils) on improving vision of people affected by Stargardt's. The results are yet to be published so I decided that I would do the experiment on myself, as taking fish oil supplements couldn't hurt and would…

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Vitamin A

I came accross an article published in 2010 by Ma, Kaufman, Zhang and Washington from the Department of Opthalmology at the Colombia University Medical Centre about a dose combination acting upon vitamin A in the retina. The article was quite interesting, having been conducted on a mouse model of Stargardt's disease. The study used a…

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